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Winter has stepped back to heaven, and the rainy season is knocking on the door. In fact, in most of the regions, the season has already started showing its view to the people. Hence, it is a must-needed thing to consider for window cleaning in Orange Country  by professional cleaners around. Let’s discuss the importance of window cleaning in the rainy season here in this blog.


The  residential window cleaning service is very essential in all the seasons, especially during rainy ones. This is because, in this season, for the water droplets on window panes that remain for a long time, the panes become unclear, hindering the views greatly. It not only weakens the window frames but also creates a wrong impression of the owner in the public sphere. That is why, by hiring professional window cleaners, you can ensure a perfect homeliness throughout the season.

A clean window doesn’t get affected easily by rain as the rainwater is clean and gets dried easily. But the stains it makes on window glasses with the mixing of some dirt pollutants make the vision unclear and also put scratches on the glasses. Hence, it is important to keep the window clean through scheduled regular cleaning, either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or daily services.


There are a number of window types available such as glass windows, shaft windows, casement windows, etc. We cannot use the same phenomenon for all these purposes. Moreover, the application of various cleaning equipment, tools, and disinfectants also differs for different types. Hence, with our expert cleaning professionals who possess the best knowledge of cleaning for different window types, we provide a distinct cleaning service to all the people around.

Our process includes :

  • Wiping the windows with wet wipers by hand to see the stains and scratches well.
  • For glass windows, we use detergent and anti-bacterial disinfectants to wash the window panes.
  • For shaft windows, we use a different process to clean the chips from the deepest.
  • Once the application is done, we then remove the foams by applying water.
  • Clean them again with the wipes to inspect everything is done perfectly or not.

You may find a number of  window cleaning service providers around you that claim to give the best service to you. But most of them are lacking with complete assurance for the same. Here, at Alan Cleaning services, you will get a superior window cleaning service satisfying all your cleaning needs in the best way. We have a team of professional cleaners who always dedicatedly complete their cleaning services within the mentioned time and leave you without any complaint behind. Call us now and enjoy the season to the fullest!